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Cable and Satellite TV Release

Exciting News to Announce.   From The 50 Yard Line, is now finally available on Video on Demand on 22 different Cable / Satellite Networks - here is a list including DISH NETWORK, CHARTER, VERIZON VIOS, and more below. Be sure to pass the words to your friends !! 

More listed here: Shaw (Canada), Rogers (Canada), Mediacom, Cogeco (Canada), Suddenlink, Eastlink, Wave, Blue Ridge, Access Communication (CCSA), Source Cable (CCSA), NorthwsTel Cable (CCSA), Bluewater (CCSA), Seaside (CCSA), Burlington Telecom, Morristown, KPU, Tullahoma Utilities, Valley Communications
and Cable Cable (CCSA).

PS...When searching for the film, the title may be listed as "50 Yard Line" beginning with the number 5, not From the 50 Yard Line.


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